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Interview Guidance Program

Instructor: Dr. D.V. Guru Prasad

Former Member of UPSC Interview Board for 6 years

About Dr. D.V. Guru Prasad: Learn from an esteemed expert with a wealth of experience in UPSC interviews and beyond:

Interview Experience: Dr. D.V. Guru Prasad has served as a Member of the UPSC Interview Board for 6 years, making him a highly knowledgeable resource for interview guidance.

Diverse Expertise: He has interviewed more than 600 UPSC aspirants and provided guidance to over 10,000 students for various positions.

Karnataka Board Chairman for PSI: Dr. D.V. Guru Prasad’s experience as the Karnataka Board Chairman for PSI for 3 years adds a unique perspective to the program.

Academic Involvement: He has also been an Executive Member of M.S. Ramaiah College (Medical) for 6 years, contributing to his expertise in academic and medical fields.

Prolific Author: Dr. D.V. Guru Prasad has authored 70+ books in both Kannada and English, providing a vast array of study materials for students.

Published Articles : He has written over 1000 newspaper articles, demonstrating his commitment to current affairs and writing.

Course Overview :

The Interview Guidance Program at DHI Academy is a comprehensive course designed to prepare UPSC aspirants for interviews. With Dr. D.V. Guru Prasad’s extensive experience and diverse expertise, you’ll receive personalized guidance and analysis to excel in your interviews.

Course Format : You have the flexibility to choose between Online or Offline mode for your convenience.

Course Features:

Understanding the Interview Process: An in-depth overview of the UPSC interview process, including expectations and assessment criteria.

Mock Interviews: Practice real-life interview scenarios with Dr. D.V. Guru Prasad, who will provide constructive feedback and expert guidance for improvement.

Detailed Application Form (DAF) Analysis : Thorough analysis of your DAF-1 and DAF-2, focusing on your background, qualifications, and experiences. Learn how to present yourself effectively on paper.

Personalized Feedback: Receive one-on-one feedback on your interview performance and DAF analysis from an expert who has interviewed over 600 UPSC aspirants and 10,000 students for various positions.

Communication Skills Enhancement: Develop effective communication strategies, master body language, and learn presentation techniques to boost your interview performance.

Course Benefits:

● Hone your interview skills and boost your confidence.

● Receive personalized guidance from an experienced interviewer with diverse expertise.

● Gain a competitive edge with insights from a highly esteemed expert.

● Access an extensive resource library for interview preparation.

Enroll Today: Join the DHI Academy Interview Guidance Program and take a significant step towards achieving your competitive exam goals. Dr. D.V. Guru Prasad’s expertise and personalized guidance will set you on the path to success.

Course Fees : Please contact DHI Academy for detailed pricing and payment options.

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