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DHI Academy’s Prelims 1.0 Program for CSE 2024

Admission Open for CSE 2024

 Kickstart your journey towards achieving success in the Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2024 with DHI Academy’s Prelims 1.0 Program. Our carefully crafted program is designed to
empower you with the knowledge, practice, and confidence needed to conquer the preliminary stage of this prestigious examination.

Course Features:

Customized and Flexible Schedule for Effective Learning

 At DHI Academy, we understand that every aspirant is unique. That’s why we offer a customized schedule that adapts to your specific learning style, ensuring that your study plan is as effective as possible.

Total – 58 Tests

 We provide a total of 58 tests, meticulously designed to assess your knowledge and prepare you comprehensively for the Preliminary Examination.

Flexible Timing

 Your convenience is our priority. With flexible timing options, you can choose when to take tests and access study materials, making it easier to integrate your preparation into your daily routine.

Appropriate Gap Between Each Test for Adequate Preparation

 We value the importance of preparation time. Our program ensures that there’s adequate time between tests for revision and refining your skills.

A Balanced Synthesis of Both Conventional and Current Affairs

 Staying current with the latest affairs is essential. Our program harmoniously combines conventional and current affairs to align your preparation with the most recent trends and developments.

Individual Attention

 We acknowledge that every aspirant has unique strengths and weaknesses. DHI Academy offers individualized attention to guide and support your growth throughout the program.

Time-Bound Evaluation

 Our evaluation system ensures that you receive timely feedback and insights, enabling you to fine-tune your preparation and enhance your performance.

Model Answer

Model answers are provided to help you understand UPSC’s expectations and refine your answer-writing skills.

Online/Offline Options

 Choose your preferred mode of learning – whether online or offline, our program caters to your needs. We ensure accessibility for every aspirant

Dedicated Platform for Clearing Doubts

Clearing doubts is fundamental to your progress. Our dedicated doubt-clearing platform allows you to seek clarification and guidance whenever you need it.

Early Bird Offer -3,000/-

Register early to seize our special offer and secure your seat at a discounted fee of 3,000/- . Don’t miss this opportunity!

 Prepare for CSE 2024 with confidence, comprehensive support, and a dynamic approach. Join DHI Academy’s Prelims 1.0 program and set yourself on the path to success. Admission is now open for CSE 2024. Don’t wait – register here and embark on your journey to become a distinguished civil servant.

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