DHI Academy aspires to train and guide students for the Civil Services Examination. ­­­With the aim to achieve the success story, we believe that we understand the pulse of this examination and the needs of the aspirants.
At ­­­DHI Academy, we don’t just teach pre-available content, but also develop our own comprehensive content strictly related to the syllabus and relevance for the examination. The aim is to prepare the aspirants for each stage of the exam by developing sound academic base with quality teaching and individual attention and developing competitive attitude amongst them.
All are programs are student centric and focus on personalized mentorship. We have various programs designed to help aspirants at every stage of their preparation. Few of our well acknowledged programs are:
  • 1. Effective Learning Course (ELC)
  • 2. Foundation Course for beginners
  • 3. Integrated Prelims >and Mains (IPM)
  • 4. Mentorship Program
Yes we do conduct classes in both Online as well as Offline mode.
As of now, we provide coaching of
  • 1. Anthropology
  • 2. Kannada Literature
  • 3. Sociology
  • 4. Public Administration
IPM is an integrated Test Series for both Prelims and Mains. The focus of the program is to design a customised schedule based on the aspirant’s level of preparation and work on systematic coverage of entire syllabus and presentation skills through personilised Mentorship.
Every program is designed to address the issues of aspirants preparing at different stages of preparation. We would suggest you to take a free one on one mentorship session from our experienced faculty so that we can help you in deciding which course would suit best for you.
We have mentors from Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore who are well experienced and are from the UPSC background. We also have mentors who are retired civil servants.

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